BuildLoan: Positive cashflow - The lifeblood of homebuilding projects


Accelerator, exclusively available from BuildLoan, ensures your customers have the cash they need, when it's needed.

Article date: 10/08/2018

​A positive cashflow is the lifeblood of any homebuilding project. Anyone who has built their own home will vouch for that! 

Depending on their financial circumstances, your customers can borrow up to 95% of their plot/property and up to 95% of their build costs, with funds released at the beginning of each stage of their project, rather than at the end.

Accelerator puts your customers in control, ensuring they have the cash to pay their tradespeople and suppliers - whether that's monthly, weekly or daily! What's more, as cash buyers, they can take advantage of the best deals and time restricted offers on materials.

The improved cashflow offered by the exclusive Accelerator mortgage means your customers can also stay in their current home while they build their new one, saving money and the inconvenience of finding temporary accommodation during the build process.

Examples of Accelerator:

  • Timber Frame Projects - Receiving cash upfront ensures those customers choosing an offsite produced timber frame, sips panel or ICF superstructure can meet the payment terms of their supplier – often as much as 90% of the build system needs to be paid for, before it leaves the factory.
  • Renovations or Conversions - The first stage of this type of development often results in the property being devalued because of removal or repairs to the roof, windows and remedial work to the superstructure.  This can prove problematic with a traditional arrears stage payment mortgage because it relies on the property's value increasing after every stage is completed.

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