Changes to our mortgage documents


​FCA changes | Supporting your case submissions

Article date: 14/03/2019

The FCA has specified that from 21 March 2019, a European Standardised Illustration Sheet (ESIS) and Binding Offer document must be provided with all regulated mortgages.

We're applying these changes for both residential and buy to let mortgages on the evening of Friday 8 March 2019. Any pipeline cases that have been offered before this date can progress without an ESIS being generated. However, applications offered after 8 March, or those with material changes requiring re-offering, will need an ESIS and Binding Offer document.

The latest copies of these documents will be automatically uploaded to the broker portal. If applicants live at different addresses, a copy of the Binding Offer will be produced for each, but only one copy will be uploaded to the portal. If you've any further questions about this change, please contact your business development manager.