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Article date: 15/05/2019


The changing nature of modern lives is adding to the complexity of many mortgage applications, setting them on a collision course with automated and increasingly regulated decision making by lenders. Add in a constantly evolving tax regime and it’s little wonder 70 per cent of mortgage seekers turn first to an adviser.

And where, in turn, should those intermediaries be looking for a flexible response to that complexity? In this webinar I provide you with an insight into how Hinckley & Rugby is enabling a can-do attitude to the increased demand for manual underwriting.

We have the time and inclination to listen to complex and even unique scenarios. Such as the case I portray in this webinar where an adviser’s low income client, who had a credit default, wanted a £225,000 advance during a divorce to get her husband off the deeds of her home.

No surprise it had been declined by lots of automated decision making lenders and even some manual ones. But our Mortgage Referrals Committee of Hinckley & Rugby’s most senior decision makers, which meets at 3pm every day, said yes. Watch this webinar to find out why, and how our MRC can help your clients.