Improvements To Leeds Building Society Self-Employed Criteria

Mortgage; Services

The number of self-employed workers has grown 22% between 2009 and 2017, with 4.8m workers* now in this category driven by the changing culture of employment patterns. As a result, demand for these mortgages has never been higher.

Article date: 18/12/2018


When it comes to mortgages for Self-employed customers, simplicity is key.

We know there can be enough hoops to jump through in the application process without the need to overcomplicate, and so we have made some improvements to make the process as simple as possible whilst also continuing to provide products to meet the needs of these customers.

What you need to know about our Self-Employed Criteria for Residential Mortgages:

  • We now only require 2 years’ income evidence for self-employed customers
  • We accept Accountants’ certificates as evidence of income
  • Providing explanations for any large decreases in income at application can speed up the process and reduce the need for additional documentation from your customer, allowing for a quicker decision

Full details of our Self-Employed criteria can be found on our website or contact your BDM who will be happy to help.

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