Spring special - Reduced Administration Fee


​For limited time only...

Article date: 07/04/2015

With spring upon us, we are excited to announce the reduction in Administration Fees on Precise Mortgages products via SBMP from £299 to £99!

This "Spring Special" will save your customers £200 on each mortgage application.

The reduction in Administration Fee will be available for a limited time only and will take effect from today, Tuesday 7th April 2015 until Sunday 31st May 2015.

This will affect all Precise Mortgages exclusives that are available through Sesame Bankhall Mortgage Processing (SBMP).

Through SBMP, Precise Mortgages can help with:

  • Exclusive rates specifically designed for customers with a low credit score and unsecured missed payments
  • Residential Lifetime Trackers for increased affordability
  • Contractors - with less than 6 months on their contract
  • Self employed with only 1 year figures required up to 85%
    Plus more...

To view your updated Application Fee document, click the link below
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