The Cambridge offers you procuration fees for retaining customers


​The Cambridge Building Society are pleased to announce they can now offer you procuration fee payments when you replace a customer's mortgage upon maturity of their existing product.

Article date: 26/11/2015

​This new initiative is the direct result of The Cambridge listening to your feedback and recognising the time you spend with your customers in re-assessing their mortgage needs.

When your customer's mortgage reaches the end of its deal, if the most suitable option is for the customer to stay with The Cambridge, then you'll receive a net procuration fee of 0.18% (Min £67.50 | Max £1,575).

In addition to the procuration fee other benefits for you and your customer include:

  • No up-front fees
  • Early repayment charges waived during the month of maturity
  • Switch your customer's product before or after their current mortgage deal ends
  • Comprehensive choice of products for your customers
  • An opportunity to review your customer's other financial needs

This new initiative, which is running as a trial, is available for product switches and additional borrowing.

To find out more, including the wide range of products available and how to complete a product switch, visit

Existing customers
If you've got a customer with a Cambridge mortgage coming up for maturity and you'd like more information, then call one of the team on 0345 601 2744, they'll be happy to help.