The Exeter - Feel better faster with Healthwise


​This week, we are introducing our new HealthWise app. 

Article date: 14/03/2019

A revolutionary new member benefits service, designed to help our members feel better, faster. 
We know first-hand how important good health is, so we've partnered with Square Health, a market leader in digital healthcare, to provide a range of benefits all accessed from the convenience of a simple app for smartphone or tablet.
Our experience has helped make HealthWise unique.

We have tailored the benefits to the needs of our members and the type of cover they have - so they get the most from the service.

Benefits available include:
GP on demand 
Second medical opinion service
Mental health support
Lifestyle coaching
Nutritional support

Watch the video to learn more about HealthWise.
HealthWise can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. Your client will need their policy details to activate their HealthWise account.

To find out how HealthWise can help your clients, why not organise a webinar or meeting our sales team by calling 0300 123 3207 or email [email protected]