The Exeter wins Best Individual Income Protection Provider


​Voted as the Best Individual Income Protection Provider at the prestigious Cover Excellence Awards 2018, what makes income protection by The Exeter stand out? 

Article date: 03/01/2019

​Where many providers focus on one market segment, at The Exeter, we’re a bit different. We think you should never have to compromise, regardless of what your client does for a living – so our range of quality products cover almost all occupations simply and cost effectively. 

We offer two plans, Income One Plus and Pure Protection Plus, and each can be tailored to meet your clients’ needs and budget requirements - we give you the flexibility to choose the right cover for the right client. 

To tailor your client’s policy, we offer the following options:

- Cover from day 1, along with a wide range of waiting periods 
- A choice of claim periods, 2 year, 5 year and full term
- Two options to simplify financial underwriting at claim 
- A choice of guaranteed or reviewable premiums 
- We pride ourselves in being simpler and more flexible than other providers.

Our Income One Plus and Pure Protection Plus plans feature important cover extensions to help you increase your sales of income protection, for example both plans provide cover for clients who suffer from type 2 diabetes, with no exclusions for time off work due to the diabetes itself. 

To help you kick start your sales, we also offer a range of content that can be personalised with your branding and supplied as PDFs – information, ideas and case studies that help generate interest and engagement in income protection. 

To find out more and to begin working with an award-winning insurer, why not organise a webinar or meeting with The Exeter sales team on 0300 123 3207 or email us at [email protected]