Win the protection clients you want. Faster


An update from Aviva​

Article date: 22/05/2019

With more than eight in 10 advisers saying they want more protection clients, Aviva has unveiled a new one-stop-shop to help them get there.

Aviva has launched a new online hub to help financial advisers boost the protection side of their business.

The ‘Adviser Business Accelerator’ website includes expert tips and step by step guides to help advisers get more from their business development and client acquisition efforts.

Jim Hunter, National Sales Manager at Aviva, said: “We know from our research that many advisers – 86%, in fact – see protection as key growth area for their business. We also know that many don’t have as much time to dedicate to achieving this as they would like. That’s why we’ve launched Adviser Business Accelerator.

“The new hub is designed to help advisers grow the protection side of their business more quickly by giving them access to expert advice and tips. Tips which are also easy to put into practice.”

A simple way to rack up CPD hours

Topics covered by the new hub include: winning more business through your website; getting more referrals; networking with ease; simple marketing planning; and how to dominate your local market.

Advisers can also access a library of more than 60 ‘Marketing in minutes’ guides – simple client acquisition and business-building tips which are quick to read and almost as quick to implement.

Mr Hunter added: “The way the site is structured makes it easy for advisers to dip in and out of the content they need, whenever they happen to need it.

“Plus, it gives them an easy way to achieve the 15 hours of unstructured CPD they’ll now need to bank under the Insurance Distribution Directive – at the same time as learning something that could benefit their business.

“Each of the articles and step-by-step guides can be used towards the 15-hour target, so advisers can learn something that’s going to be useful to their business whilst doing the reading they need to by law.”

For more information and to sign up free, visit the Adviser Business Accelerator website.