are able to help you meet the needs of your high net worth customers, improve your customer service and enable you to earn valuable revenue. Their average payaway last year to introducing brokers was £3,075 per case, and they will not cross sell to your customer.


If you complete the fact find and provide supporting documents as required on completion, you will receive 40% of the procuration fee from the lender. To receive a copy of their full fact find, please contact

If you simply provide the name of your customer and relevant contact details, on completion you will receive 20% of the procuration fee received by from the lender.

Overview & Benefits will be responsible for the advice given to your customer and they have the expertise and experience to create a tailored solution for your customer including:

  • Access to over 45 private banks
  • Interest only mortgages
  • Large bridging loans
  • Million plus mortgages
  • Offshore mortgages
  • Overseas property mortgages
  • Lombard lending

Contact & Enquiries

Call: 0203 824 0911


Email: [email protected]