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Al Rayan

Al Rayan Bank Online Referral Service

Al Rayan Bank is the first stand-alone, Sharia compliant, retail bank in the UK to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their aim is to provide a friendly, inclusive and personal service for all of their customers.
If you do not hold home purchase plan permissions, you are able to refer your customer to Al Rayan Bank who will write the business for you and pay you a procuration fee.

Overview & Benefits

  • Service for Muslim customers
  • Customers who are looking for ethical banking
  • Customers who want flexibility - no ERC's
  • Customers who would look to utilise the lump sum reduction facility without penalty
  • Large families with multiple incomes who want to purchase and live in a property together - up to 4 applicants
  • Customers refinancing who do not want to pay high fee's - only £299

Contact & Enquiries

Call: 0121 456 7842