HSBC Statement

HSBC Statement

Consumer Duty Product Information Sheets The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Duty regulation sets higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across financial services. It is our duty to share our approach to meeting the Products & Services Outcome and Price & Value Outcome that the FCA have outlined.

Residential Capital Repayment Product Information Sheet Residential Interest Only Product Information Sheet Buy to Let Product Information Sheet

In accordance with the Consumer Duty requirements, and ahead of the 30th April 2023 deadline, the following Product Information Sheets are being provided to you to fulfil our responsibilities under PRIN 2A.4.15R and PRIN 2A.3.12 R (2). These will also shortly be available from the sourcing systems.

The Product Information Sheets are designed to support you to comply with your responsibilities under PRIN 2A.3.16 R and PRIN 2A.4.16 R. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for meeting your obligations under the ‘Consumer Duty’.




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