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Welcome to Compliance Corner, with me Paul Fothergill. I’m the Regulatory Engagement Manager at PMS, trying to make regulation interesting and accessible. In Compliance Corner you’ll find plenty of content covering all things compliance.

If you’ve only got a couple of minutes take a look at the compliance catch-up documents to quickly get you up to speed on the latest FCA developments from the last month. If you have time for a coffee break why not sit back with one of Paul’s Podcasts and listen to me briefly talk about an important FCA theme and catch up with my colleagues on their roles and how they can help your business to thrive. There’s also and FAQs section covering in more detail some topics that you’ll need to be aware of at the current time.

If there’s anything you’d like to know more about in the exciting world of compliance, please do reach out.

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Consumer Duty Hub

Everything you need to know about the Consumer Duty regulation.

Consumer Duty was confirmed by the FCA on Wednesday 27 July, in which the regulator is looking to set a higher expectation for the standard of care firms provide to their customers.

But what does this mean for your firm? What are the changes that you might need to make to your day-to-day operations and processes?

We’re working to bring you the answers to all these questions and more in our Consumer Duty Hub, so read on for all our insights, analysis and recommendations.

Consumer Duty timeline

See all the deadlines and requirements for Consumer Duty at a glance, and discover the upcoming support that you can expect from Bankhall.


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Consumer Duty Timeline


The Consumer Duty – A high level overview October 2022



Consumer Duty is here: Response from Sesame Bankhall Group

Read the official response from Sesame Bankhall Group Managing Director, Distribution Ross Liston.

Read: Consumer Duty Overview by Sesame Bankhall Group’s Senior Compliance Technical Manager, Vimbai Moyo

In this slide deck, Vimbai provides an overview of everything you need to know about the FCA’s Consumer Duty proposals.

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Watch: Paul Fothergill in conversation with Vimbai Moyo

Don’t miss this short, 7-minute video, which sees our Regulatory Engagement Manager Paul Fothergill discuss what the Consumer Duty could mean for firms with Senior Compliance Technical Manager, Vimbai Moyo.

Complying with Consumer Duty and other regulatory requirements

If you’re looking to stay up to date with the latest regulatory trends as they develop, or if you’d like more personalised compliance support, the friendly experts at Bankhall can help.

When you become a Bankhall client, you’ll get the most relevant regulatory updates delivered straight to your inbox every week, as well as access to in-depth regulatory analyses of all the most important regulatory publications.

To find out more about how Bankhall’s horizon-scanning work can help your business prepare for the future, talk to your PMS account manager, visit the Bankhall website, or call 0345 300 5326 to speak to the Bankhall Client Relationship team.