Fair Value Framework

Fair Value Framework   

Fairer premiums, better value, happy customers

To ensure your customers enjoy good value from the products you recommend, and in-line with the FCA's most recent guidelines set out in FG 19/05 on the general insurance (GI) value chain, we launched our Fair Value Framework on 4th June 2020 for new customers and 1st July for existing customers.

This framework helps to ensure that at least 40% of the premiums that customers pay goes towards paying claims.

Since this framework has been introduced, existing customers have enjoyed a cost reduction in premiums of between 4%-10%, depending on the historic commission level associated with the product. Plus, you also benefit from confidence in the quality and value of your GI proposition when speaking with new customers.

What's changing?

To ensure customers continue to benefit from lower premiums, we've revised our commission model, which you can access via the link below. The customer saving has been taken from PMS' mortgage club commission fee, so you won't see any reduction in the amount payable to your firm.

As part of our new framework, we will review our business model quarterly, and we will be sure to keep you up to date with our decisions - and what they mean for your firm.


With the Fair Value Framework, you will benefit from recommending a GI proposition that is even more customer-focused, making it even easier to start having those important conversations.

To find out more, download our FAQs or head to PMS's GI page to discover the insurance options available for you and your customers.

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