We Listen

We Listen

Our new framework for your feedback

‘We Listen’ forms an important part of this commitment, and provides you with a framework to help us make our service better.

Whether you have a suggestion that will make our service better, want to praise staff when they have exceeded your expectation, or have an issue you want to bring to our attention, We Listen ensures that your feedback will get reviewed by the right people, and every submission is guaranteed a response.

Give Feedback



You Said - We Listened

Your feedback is one of the key drivers for our business. It helps us enormously to constantly improve our services and, ultimately, to realize our member-focused vision. So we want to hear from you, even if it’s about things that went wrong. That way we can get busy making improvements that will result in real changes that benefit everyone. Changes like the ones listed here…

You said you want our panel of lenders constantly refreshed with new, innovative lenders who can best meet your client’s needs.

We Listened and added 8 new lenders to our panel in 2019 with work continuing in 2020 to bring on board even more.

You said you wanted PMS Mortgage Desk to provide the latest, most accurate mortgage criteria to help you place cases.

We Listened with the Mortgage Desk conducting over 70 meetings with lenders in 2019 to ensure our criteria is up to date and accurate.

You said you wanted multiple ways of contacting PMS to get help with your queries.

We listened and you can now contact PMS via telephone, email and webchat on the www.trustpms.com website.

You said the process for registering agency for the PMS Protection Panel was complex and you would like more guidance.

We listened and now provide additional phone calls to help guide you, clearer email instructions and created a video guide which is now available to members.

Tell us how we’re doing

Without happy members we’d be nothing. That’s why we actively seek feedback from you. Sure, it’s nice when that feedback is positive but finding out where things could be better is even more valuable. It helps us help you and it also enables us to build a better and stronger business in the future.

So please send us your questions, suggestions or feedback. Call us, talk to your account manager or find us online. Whichever way you choose to talk to us, we value your feedback and look forward to giving you the best possible customer experience in the future.

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